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NRI Services

Our services for NRI’s

  • 1 .  Help in finalizing the type of property i.e commercial /Residential /lease guaranteed /renting properties etc
  • 2 .  To finalize the best property deal.
  • 3 .  To get the best price of the deal.
  • 4 .  To ready the checklist of documents required to purchase the property.
  • 5 .  To get the legal assistance to verify the documents.
  • 6 .  Complete assistance in loan requirement.
  • 7 .   All transparent procedure, for easy process.


NRI Investment in Real Estate in India

NRIs have a major role in the Indian real estate market as investors. NRIs have always found investing in real estate to be a rewarding experience. The NRI property buyers are residing mostly in the Middle east, US, Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada and South Africa. The properties investments are made generally in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Goa and Chennai.


Reason for NRI’s to invest in Indian Real Estate :

  • 1 .  Deprecating of Indian rupees
  • 2 .  Regulatory environment after RERA introduction

NRIs generally buy properties in India for majorly 2 reasons:

  • 1 .  For investment purpose
  • 2 .  Emotional attachment with homeland, so loves to settle back in India after working years.


FEMA Rules / RBI Rules for NRI’s


FEMA Rules / RBI Rules for NRI’s

To attract foreign investment in real estate sector, RBI has easier the rules for NRI’s.

As per FEMA guidelines, NRI or PIO (person of Indian origin), can purchase any immovable property in India except agricultural land/plantation property/farm house.

PIO from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal or Bhutan are excluded and require special prior permission from RBI.


Payment method for NRIs

NRIs/ PIO can make payments by any given ways:-

  •         •   Through normal banking channel.
  •         •   NRE/ NRO/ FCNR account maintained in India.

Payment cannot be made either by foreign currency notes or traveller cheque’s .Payment cannot be made outside India.

Any property investment includes stamp duty, registration charges and service tax to be paid according to Indian laws.



Loan Eligibility for NRIs


Loan Eligibility for NRIs

NRIs/PIOs too can avail home loan facilities in Indian rupees like domestic investor for their property purchases, up to 80 per cent of the property value, depending upon individual eligibility.

Loan can be repaid in any given mode:

  •         •   Through normal banking channel.
  •         •   NRE/ NRO/ FCNR account maintained in India.
  •         •   Rental income from such property.
  •         •   By the borrower’s close relatives, as defined in Section 6 of the Companies Act, 1956, through their account in India, by crediting the borrower’s loan account.”




India has double taxation avoidance agreements with more than 90 countries. An NRI can claim tax credit on taxes paid by him in India on income from immovable property in his country of residence.

NRIs can earn returns from their investments in real estate, in 3 ways:-

  • 1 .  Rental income-It is the income earned from leasing or renting the properties in India. It comes under taxable income as per Indian income tax rules.
  • 2 .  Short term capital gain-This is the gain on property earned through sale of property within 2 years of purchase time. The gain is difference between sale and purchase cost and this is taxable as per tax slab for NRI.
  • 3 .  Long term capital gain-This is the gain on sale of property after two years of its purchase. It is taxed at 20% with indexation benefit. Also can exempt this taxes under few section like 54, 54 F and 54 EC. Income-Tax Act too allows certain tax deductions under Section 80C to 80TTA and NRIs can use this to reduce their tax burden.


Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (PoA) is required by NRIs if he/she cannot be physically present in India for execution of property transactions. It empowers a person to act on behalf of another. Responsibility is delegated and, therefore, it helps NRIs manage their assets in India efficiently.

POA could be used for purposes mainly related to mortgage, lease, sell, collect rent and borrow, manage and sell disputes, perform acts required by banks and enter into contracts. The government is planning to amend the laws to make registration mandatory for such deals which will help curb frauds, disputes and stamp duty evasion.



Last thing to remember


An NRI investing in India needs to have a checklist of things which should include property verification, list of all documents, KYC, payment plan, tax implication legalities and other local formalities and someone trustworthy to help facilitate the entire process so that it is smooth and efficient.

The property tax varies depending on the type of property and the location. These are some of the important rules every NRI property investor in India should follow. Also, check with your Property Advisor for proceeding with the process easily.

So our expertise is to guide from scratch, so that our NRI clients don’t feel any difficulty at any stage of property investment even sitting so long distance from homeland.

Don’t Worry, you are in right hand !!

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