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Living Room

The utility of your living room or den will be the prime factor in picking a style and design. The living room was originally intended to be a sophisticated setting for hosting and entertaining, while the family room was used for more casual, everyday activities, like lounging or watching TV. However, if your home has only one large room you can use a multifunctional living room design and layout. Every space will have design challenges, so think of living room ideas that accommodate all the seating and decor elements well. It’s best to think about your seating as the main focus of the living room. You don’t want your sofa or armchairs to overcrowd your sitting room but you need there to be enough seating space for everyone. Lastly, you can add decor and storage elements that match the intended style. Interior designer make a perfect plan and execute to give awesome and unique look to your living room.

Bed Room

Your bedroom is a haven, yet it’s usually one of the last rooms you decorate. Chances are, more visible areas of your home are decorated to a T, while your poor bedroom is patiently waiting for it's turn. Stop waiting for the right time (it never will be), and give your bedroom the attention it deserves. By adding a few new bedroom accessories you can quickly turn a boring room into your favorite hideout. Here's how to best revamp your space. Unlike some other rooms in the house, a bedroom is an easy place for adding fun, quirky knickknacks. Throw pillows, throws and curtains help add pops of color, and table lamps, while practical, can also help enhance the room’s decor. Bedding is the easiest way to make an impact; by updating your comforter, pillows or duvet cover, you can make your bedroom instantly feel more current. A vanity table is a great way to make your beauty regimen fun, and a bedroom bench or an upholstered ottoman helps bring a hint of romance. Interior designer helps you to choose perfect color of your choice and interiors so that it become most romantic place of your home.

Kitchen & Dining

A true chef’s kitchen requires a lot of kitchen gadgets, cookware, bakeware, appliances — you name it, you need it. However, finding space for cooking, entertaining and storing all those handy products can be a challenge, especially in smaller kitchens. When space is lacking, selective shopping and strategic storage are musts. Formal dinnerware is great for holidays, but it’s rarely used, which means it’s probably not worth the space it takes up. Try to find something that suits your daily life — you can always spruce up your table using table linens, crystal serveware and other tabletop decor. This is place where ladies time spend most of the time and it needs personal attention of Interior designer.


When it comes to bathroom decor, most people have trouble thinking outside the box. Sure, it might be hard to find ways to turn a bland room into a warm, inviting retreat, but it’s possible. Instead of being satisfied with a drab washroom, give it new life by adding everything from inexpensive bath mats and towels to an oversize tub or trendy vessel sink. Because your space always has a few constant fixtures (shower, tub, toilet and sink), the accessories are what make the room truly unique. If you’re a matchy-matchy type, you can get a corresponding tissue box, tray, soap dispenser and trash can, but make sure to include other designs for variation. For a bit of luxury, include a towel warmer, a makeup mirror and even an armchair or stool for lounging. And, of course, bright towels and bath mats, plus a shower curtain, if your shower needs one, are musts.

Office interior

You will always want your commercial office space to be designed uniquely. We are always here to take up the charge to avail you with the most welcoming commercial spaces that can appropriately communicate your brand identity and has big impact on whomever you meet or who comes to your office. We utilize our expertise to realize what best ways of making your commercial ambience more comfortable and productive. Assets Bricks provide unique solutions to our client in best affordable rate and best services in terms of interior designing.

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